Monday, January 4, 2016

Palestra "Let's talk about this Gluten thing!" - em inglês

terça feira 12 de janeiro das 20.00 às 21.30

Nota importante: A palestra será em inglês mas poderá ter tradução para português quando necessário

Less than 20% of gluten-sensitivity presents as symptoms in the digestive system. The reason it is considered a "gut" problem is that it was gastroenterologists who first recognized it. But turns out gluten is even more a brain issue. Come find out why and discover the other symptoms/manifestations of gluten intolerance which include depression; bi-polar; schizophrenia; anxiety & panic disorders  (such as agoraphobia); alzheimer's; brain fog; and body symptoms such ankylosing spondylitis; skin disorders (acne, premature wrinkling, eczema, psoriasis and more); joint pain; muscle aches; arthritis; restless legs & arms; cold intolerance; even diabetes, thyroid conditions, and heart disease;  as well as the plethora of auto-immune diseases such as  fibromyalgia; plus many more which are facilitated or even caused by gluten ingestion.

Some consider a gluten-free diet extreme but what is really extreme is surgery, or taking pills with many side-effects for the rest of your life, or losing a leg or your sight due to diabetes, among others. It doesn't need to happen.

The good news is you are the master of your body and can affect whether you end up with these afflictions and disorders (epigenetics).

An opening presentation will start the talk with a Q&A session after, and samples of some gluten-free foods that are satisfying and delicious, along with some bonuses for attending. Talk will be in English with possibility of simultaneous translation into Portuguese.

This talk will be followed the next Tuesday by a Thyroid class which is a nice companion to this one

About Sami Hayes:
Hailing from Portland, Oregon, which is the Porto, Portugal of the US, and also perhaps the Vegan capitol of the world (more vegan eateries per capita than anywhere else). This allowed me to learn from some of the best people in the world including several celebrated chefs, published authors, and healers of all modalities added to extensive personal research.

I've currently been traveling for the last 3.5 years spending most of my time in Porto which has captured my heart.

I believe that nothing is more important and healing than the food we eat, or potentially more damaging. My motivation for learning was my own journey of being sick, very sick and worsening for years before I hit my personal rock bottom and said enough. I went to a raw food retreat and within a week was off of all medications and feeling better than I had in years.

Happy to share my story with you and the tricks and insights I've learned since, whether you want to go fully raw and gluten-free or just want to find ways to make healthier foods a part of your daily life, plus understand their impact on your life and body.

Available as a consultant, health coach (including on how to go veg, raw and/or gluten-free), private chef, personal or group lessons, and more. Please see my website at or contact me via email at to explore the possibilities.

Preço: 12€ antecipado / 15€ no dia
Local:Quintal, Rua do Rosário, 177 Porto
Inscrições e informações: tlf 222 010 008 ou por email:

Pagamento no Quintal ou por transferência bancária para o nib: 0007 0000 00190179850 23 (enviar comprovativo da transferência por email)
Atenção: Antes de fazer a transferência confirme se ainda há vagas.
As desistências só serão reembolsadas com aviso prévio até 24 horas antes do workshop

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